A performance webshop: threat or advocate of artistic autonomy? Pascal Gielen & Nina Jan

, by Nina Jan

On March 4 2015, À la Cart Performance Webshop will be hosted by the Dutch Film Academy - the Master of Film lecture series. We are adding their official invitation:

This Master of Film lecture hosts Slovenian artist and Master of Film student Nina Jan, one of the authors of the A la Cart Performance Webshop, who will take us behind the scenes of the A la Cart Performance Webshop project and through concrete examples of the artistic process address and problematize the topics of artistic hyper-production, mobility, adaptability, opportunism, artistic romantic euphoria and a search for artistic autonomy.

Nina’s opening lecture will be picked up by sociologist Pascal Gielen who will position the performance webshop into a wider framework of post-Fordism and precarious work and, based on his recent research ‘The Hybrid Artist’ and ‘Post-Fordist Labour in the Creative City’, discuss the conditions of contemporary art production.

The lecture is a cooperation between the Master of Film and KUD NUM.


Pascal Gielen (1970) is director of the research center Arts in Society at the Groningen University where he is full professor sociology of art. Gielen is also editor in-chief of the book series ‘Arts in Society’ (Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts, Tilburg & Groningen University) and research professor at the Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts in Tilburg. Gielen has written serveral books on contemporary art, cultural heritage and cultural politics. Books are ‘Being an Artist in Post-Fordist Times’ (2009-NAi), ‘The Murmuring of the Artistic Multitude. Global Art, Memory and Post-Fordism’ (2009, 2010 and 2015 - Valiz), ‘Teaching Art in the Neoliberal Realm. Realism versus Cynicism’ (2013-Valiz), ‘Creativity and other Fundamentalisms’ (2013-Mondriaan), ‘Institutional Attitudes. Instituting Art in a Flat World’ (2013-Valiz), ‘The Ethics of Art’ (2014-Valiz), ‘Aesthetic Justice’ (2015-Valiz) and ‘No Culture, No Europe’ (2015-Valiz). Gielen’s research focuses on cultural politics and the institutional contexts of the arts. Books of Gielen are translated in English, Korean, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.

Nina Jan (1986) is a conceptual artist, performer and director, lately mostly working between the Netherlands, Slovenia and Spain. Her conceptual work that covers the fields of performance art, installation, film and internet art often investigates audience friendly ways for interactivity as well as questions the default settings of artistic media, artistic processes and the creative position of the author herself. Setting up the À la Cart Performance Webshop she has become increasingly interested in developing alternative marketing strategies for performance art practices and exposing the effects of Post-Fordist production on the artistic realities. She is currently also initiating an online museum called the Museum of (un)sent emails, which, by its detail use of certain structural elements and curatorial practices aims to research the multitudes of individual voices hidden among the mass e-communication.Automatic word wrap
Nina is also a co-founder of KUD NUM multidisciplinary artist collective.