Nina Jan (1986) is a conceptual artist, performer and director, lately mostly working between the Netherlands, Slovenia and Spain. Her conceptual work that covers the fields of performance art, installation, film and internet art often investigates audience friendly ways for interactivity as well as questions the default settings of artistic media, artistic processes and the creative position of the author herself. Within the À la Cart Performance Webshop she has become increasingly interested in developing alternative marketing strategies for performance art practices and exposing the effects of Post-Fordist production on the artistic realities. She is currently also setting up an online museum called the Museum of (un)sent emails, which, by its detail use of certain structural elements and curatorial practices in various ways introduces Duchampian institutional critique. At the same time, her email museum proposes a detailed research into the multitudes of individual voices hidden among the mass e-communication and exposes their charming beauty. Nina is also a co-founder of KUD NUM, multidisciplinary artistic collective.

More about Nina and her work you can check here.

Urša Sekirnik (1986) worked as a member and co-founder of ARWA experimental movement collective between 2004 and 2007. In 2011 she graduated at SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance). In 2010 she became a co-founder of KUD NUM, a multi-disciplinary artistic collective, based in Škofja Loka, Slovenia. Through the work with KUD NUM she has focused more and more on performance and cross-media art, and has become increasingly interested in concepts such as customization, Post-Fordism and abuse of marketing procedures. As a dancer, she has been collaborating with Joana Serra (Spain), Phoebe Osborne (USA), Carolina Alejos (Spain), Silvia Elgarrista (Spain) and Collectif PoPs (Spain).

KUD NUM is a Slovenia based art production company/artistic collective run by Jan and Sekirnik. This loose but very effective platform has produced various works proposed by Jan and Sekirnik, covering different spheres of performance, conceptual, installation and internet art. More about KUD NUM you can read here.